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Frequently asked questions

What is OnTrack101?

  • OnTrack101 is an introductory track driving experience.  You bring your own car to our event and we walk you through car preparation, track rules, car control, and vehicle dynamics.  Your experience will consist of 3 classroom sessions, (2) 15 minute lead and follow sessions and (2) 20 minutes open sessions all on the 1.3 mile road course at Motorsport Ranch.  Cost for the program is $325

Is my car eligible?

  • Current vehicle eligibility is for cars only. Exluded vehicles are Trucks, SUVs, Crossovers, Minivans, and RVs. Convertibles will be allowed if there is factory rollover protection or an aftermarket roll bar installed with 1” of clearance above the driver while wearing a helmet.
  • Kit cars are currently not eligible

Is my car track ready?

  • All cars must pass our technical inspection process. Tech forms can be obtained HERE
    • Cars must be in good mechanical condition, with no leaks or loose bodywork.
    • Car must have good tread on tires, and decent life left on brake pads. More specific guidelines are available on our tech form HERE
    • Your car will have to pass inspection on site even after you fill out your technical form. We highly recommend you have your car prepared or inspected by a qualified professional.

I do not have a car that is track ready, do you have cars to rent?

  • Yes, we have a fleet of track prepped Ford Mustangs available for rent.  Cost to rent a Mustang is $250, along with the experience registration of $249, bringing the total price of the experience to $499 if we provide the car.  Automatic and manual transmission cars are both available.

What about dress code and safety equipment?

  • All participants must have a SA2010 or newer approved full face helmet to participate. Helmets will be available if you do not own one.
  • Participants are required to wear long sleeves shirts, long pants, and closed toed shoes. If you do not bring this attire, you must wear one of our driving suits.
  • Gloves and race shoes are not required

What are the qualifications to participate?

  • Drivers must be at least 16 years old with driver’s license
  • Must be physically able to drive on track.   Drivers with heart problems, seizures, pregnancy, or any other medical condition that would make participation dangerous are not allowed. Participating in this event with any such condition is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Does my Insurance cover this?

  • It varies depending on your carrier and policy. If you are concerned about your coverage you should contact your carrier and ask about this type of event. Many carriers will honor your coverage as long as you are participating in a non-timed, non-competitive, educational event. Track 101 is designed to be an educational track experience. We never time the track 101 event. This is an important detail to relay to your carrier when inquiring about coverage during our event.

Can I bring a guest?

  • Guests are welcome to observe, however our limited seating allows only one guests in classroom sessions. Your guest may ride with you during the lead and follow sessions, but will not be allowed to ride along for the open sessions.
  • Riding guests must be 13 years old and comply with passenger safety airbag laws.
  • Guests under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present to ride along.
  • No passengers will be allowed in a back seat.

Will refreshments or concessions be available?

  • Water will be provided.  If you need any snacks or a specific drink, you will need to bring them.
  • No alcohol or drugs may be present during a OnTrack101 event. Guest and participants included

Can 2 drivers use the same car?

  • No, the program is designed to run with one group, and you will need to participate in every session.

What is a lead and follow?

  • Our lead and follow session will consist of 15 minutes on track with one of our instructors behind the wheel of a “lead” car. Students will follow in their cars in the exact tracks of the leader, and the car in front of them in line. There will be a maximum of 7 cars following each “lead” car. During the 2nd lead and follow session, car order will be flipped so cars towards the back of the pack in the first session, will be in the front in the 2nd session

Can I pass cars on track?

  • You will be allowed to pass in designated passing zones during the open sessions. No passing is allowed during the lead and follow sessions.

How do we communicate with instructors?

  • During our sessions our instructors will be in contact with our students using our FM transmitter. All cars must either be equipped with an FM radio. If your car does not have an FM radio, you can download an FM radio app on your phone, and bring headphones that you can wear under your helmet. The communication is one way, and any questions are best saved for classroom setting instead of on track. However the entire track is visible to our instructors and we will give real time instruction through the radio when necessary.


Can I attend Track 101 more than once?

  • Yes. Track 101 is a great way to build seat time and review car control techniques. Attending more than once allows you to focus on a different aspect of track driving, and perhaps a different part of the race track itself.
  • We are also currently developing advanced class that will take a more in depth look at vehicle dynamics. Topics in discussion are: threshold braking, heel and toe downshift, trail braking, and data and telemetry interpretation. Give us some feedback if you would be interested in a more advanced program.