Private Events

Do you need to entertain a group or host a company outing? Are you looking for something more exceptional than the normal private event? Look no further than DRIVEXOTIC, DFW’s exotic car driving experience!

We put your guests in the driver’s seat of exotic and performance cars on a real 1.3 mile race track.  Our instructors will provide in car tips from the passenger seat while your guests pilot the cars at speeds over 100 mph, all in a safe and controlled environment.  DriveXotic is so much more than a trip to the golf course. This interactive, adrenaline pumping experience will be a talking point for your guests for years to come.  If you want to be remembered for hosting an outstanding event, come check us out.

Our experience can be tailored to host groups from 10 to 100, and can run from a quick 2 hour visit to an all day event.  Our facility is located trackside at Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, Tx and includes 3 meeting rooms of various sizes, a VIP lounge, a 2nd floor balcony overlooking the track, and 2 catering kitchens.  All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, 70″ TVs for presentations, and are fully climate controlled to keep your guests in comfort.


Event Coordinator
Our coordinator will assist with a seamless event and make sure your needs are met. Our coordinator will be with you though the entire process and on site during your event.
Live Classroom Briefing
Orientation from a driving professional in class.  Topics include high performance driving techniques, safety, and car specific performance tips.
Discovery Van Laps
A pro will take your group around the course in our 15 passenger van and show you proper technique and the driving line (this is often one of the best bonding experiences and serves as a great ice breaker for the day).
In-Car Video Review and Presentation
Your package includes in-car video from each drive, which will be reviewed after the experience is over.  Each guest leaves with a USB stick containing their drives which displays 2 camera angles, track maps, speed and other data.
Driving Experience
The heart of the visit, with a pro instructor in the passenger seat, your guests will get their choice of any of our exotic cars to drive around the 1.3 mile road course style race track.  Number of drives and laps is based on the package selected.
Private Experience Options:

Minimum $3000 for Private Event

Gold Package ($300) Platinum Package ($400) Diamond Package ($500) Diamond Exec. Package ($700)
1 Car, 7 Laps 1 Car, 7 Laps each + 1 Thrill Ride 2 Cars, 7 Laps 3 Cars, 7 Laps
2 Cars, 4 Laps 2 Cars, 4 Laps + Thrill Ride 3 Cars, 4 Laps + Thrill Ride
1 Car, 4 Laps + 1 Thrill Ride 3 Cars, 4 Laps

In our new format for group events, the host purchases a package level, and then attendees pick the specific package option! This new simpler method allows clients to get the most out of their experience while keeping the process simple!

Cars available during Private and Group Events:

Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes AMG GT-R, Porsche 911 GT3, Audi R8 v10, Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, Lotus Evora GT and Chevy Corvette C8 Z51.

Private Events are available year round Tuesday-Friday.

Call us at 817-944-9199 to speak with a group coordinator, or email us at info@drivexotic.com