Is there an age restriction?

Drivers must be 16 years of age (if under 18 Parent or Legal Guardian must be present) to Drive in the DriveXotic experience.  To participate in the Ride-Along,  riders must be 13 years of age (if under 18, Parent or Legal Guardian must be present).

Are there Health Restrictions?

Due to the extreme nature of the experience, drivers with pre-existing conditions, such as heart conditions, neck or back issues, high blood pressure, seizures, pregnancy or motion sickness/vertigo, will NOT be allowed to participate.

Drivers with prosthetic or casted appendages will not be permitted to participate at this time.

Not everyone will fit in the cars.  There is no set height/weight restrictions, but these are relatively small cars, and we have noticed folks over 6’4″ and 280lbs, have a harder time fitting in some cars.  We do have cars that accommodate larger drivers, but be aware that if you are big/tall person, some of the cars might be a tight squeeze.  Everyone is built different so, again, there is no set height/weight restriction.  Cars that have more room are the Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911 GT3, Ferrari 458 and the Audi R8.  Both the Dodge Viper and Lamborghini LP560-4 are on the smaller side.


How many laps do I get?

All experiences will consist of 4 laps, with the option to purchase 3 additional laps, to bring your total to 7.

Do I need to know how to drive manual?

Currently only the Dodge Viper is a manual transmissions.  All other cars are automatic or paddle shift capable.  The Viper will require previous manual transmission driving experience.

Are instructors provided?

You will be provided with a driving instructor for your experience.  Instructors are there for your safety and benefit.  Your instructor will teach you proper technique, and give guidance on how to get the optimum performance from your vehicle during your time behind the wheel.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

How long is the experience?

Plan on 2 hours at the track.  That gives time for registration, orientation,  pictures, and driving, as well as time to review your video.

Can I bring spectators?

Yes, spectators are welcome, but they will be required to sign waivers for being on the premises.

Spectators will not be allowed to ride in the cars. (Thrill rides are the best and only way to get non-drivers in a car).

What should I wear?

Closed toed shoes are required.  No open toed shoes, high heels, or other shoes that would inhibit your ability to manipulate the pedals.  Dress comfortably for the weather.

Are helmets provided?

Yes, we will provide you with a DOT approved helmet, and a hair guard to wear on the day of your experience.

Can I take pictures?

Yes, you are encouraged to take pictures.  You will be given the opportunity to do so with the cars at a certain time.  Feel free to bring spectators to take photos during your experience.

You will not be allowed to take photos (selfies) while driving the car.

Your own personal in-car video cameras may not be used while driving.

Is video provided?

Yes, your experience will be recorded using our Racelogic video system.  We have 2 cameras on board with you.  1 camera faces out towards the track, while the other is facing back at you to catch your reactions and expressions during your experience.  Your video will also include graphic overlays of the track map, vehicle speed, and g-forces, for additional bragging rights!

Videos may be purchased during reservations or the day of, at the cost of $42.

In the HIGHLY UNLIKELY event of a technical failure in the video system, we will give you some options. If you have purchased the video, we will attempt to repair the technical failure, if the repair procedure does not work, we WILL put you back in the car to make sure you get a video of your experience.   We are the only driving experience that guarantees you will leave with a good video.  All videos are checked for quality at the event.  If you get home and there is a problem with your video, we will deal with that problem on a case by case basis.  However it is much easier to accommodate video problems while you are still on site. Also keep in mind this is rare, but after many years running this program we have seen about 1 in 100 videos fail to save to the memory card or have some sort of error.

Everyone will be recorded regardless if you purchase the video or not.  We record for safety and training purposes also.

Everyone will get a chance to preview your video, whether you buy it or not.

If you have not purchased or do not intend to purchase the video, you will not be compensated with a re-drive if your video fails.

You may not use a personal recording device such as Go-Pro or cell phones while in the car.


Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are not required on event weekends, but are very helpful in scheduling.  Walk-ins are welcome, but be aware the experience will only run on certain days.  All bookings during the week (Monday-Friday) must be made in advance either online or over the phone.

Are these cars covered by my insurance?

NO.  All drivers are required to purchase a track insurance policy for their experience.  Your personal policy will not cover on-track activities.

All drivers are required to purchase a policy and sign an insurance waiver

All policies are per experience.  If you purchase more than one vehicle, you must purchase additional policies (with the exception of our multi-car packages).

You must purchase the minimum policy (option 1, $29) to drive.

Policy pricing is as follows:

  • Option #1 : $50,000 Coverage  with a $5,000 Deductible  ($29.00)
  • Option #2 : $100,000 Coverage with a $2,500 Deductible ($49.00)
  • Option #3: $150,000 Coverage with a $1,000 Deductible ($69.00)
  • Option #4: $200,000 Coverage with a $500 Deductible ($89.00)

Is there a cancellation/refund policy?

Reservations are not refundable. Once a date been chosen, you can reschedule:

  • Until 5 days prior to the date of the experience, at no charge;
  • Within 5 days prior to the experience, with a 10% rescheduling fee;
  • On the day of the experience or in case of no show, with a 25% rescheduling fee.


There are no refunds on Gift Certificates.  Gift Certificates are transferable, but non-refundable.

In the event of a weather related cancellation,  there will be no refunds.  We offer many makeup dates per month.  We will reschedule your drive for a later time.  Any extras you have purchased will carry forward to your rescheduled drive.

If you have a very small window of opportunity in your schedule and may not be able to join us at a later date in the event of a weather related cancellation (which is rare, but it does happen. This is Texas and weather is hard to predict), please proceed with caution in your purchase.  We strive to provide the best experience possible, but cannot operate in the rain.  However, given that we have our own race track, we have plenty of opportunity to get you accommodated.  If you have no flexibility in your schedule, I’d advise you consider that before booking.

Is there a rain out policy?

Yes, we will do our best to reschedule your experience on a later date if your experience is cancelled due to rain.  We do not issue refunds in the event of a rainout.  We will do everything we can to get you on track in a timely manner.  Your experience will not expire.

Can I upgrade my experience?

Yes, at registration, you can add laps, and other options during your time at the event.  (contact info@drivexotic.com for more info and current discounts)

What happens if the car I selected is unavailable on the day of my appointment?

All cars are subject to availability based on vehicle maintenance and repairs.

In the event that the car you chose is not available on the date of your booking, there are two options.

  1. You will have the opportunity to drive an equivalent tier car on the day of your booking
  2. You can reschedule the booking for a date in the future when the car is ready.