VIP Experience


Insurance Upgrade

Insurance package #1 is included with your experience, and is all that is required to drive, however, if you wish to purchase additional insurance, you may do so

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Reservations are non-refundable. Please refer to the DriveXotic Sales and Attendance policy for more information: Click here for more info on our refund/cancellation policy.

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Are you ready for the ultimate DriveXotic Experience? Now available starting at $1199!

Our VIP package is the next step in learning how to drive a performance car. For a single driver, start out with our class and recon laps, and then get personal instruction from one of our trained coaches in between sessions with them in a Porsche 911 GT3. After 3 sessions in this car, pick any car in our fleet to finish off your day in and see what you can really do!

VIP Experience Schedule

  • Classroom Session 1
  • Recon Laps with instructor driving
  • 4 Laps in Porsche 911 GT3
  • Classroom Session 2
  • 7 Laps in Porsche 911 GT3
  • Classroom Session 3, Data review/Demo Laps
  • 7 Laps in Porsche 911 GT3
  • Classroom Session 4
  • 7 Laps in Any Car
  • Video and Data Review

Admission to Farr’s Movie Cars Museum included in the purchase of this package.