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Thrill Rides start at $100 in our Dodge Charger Hellcat, and increase in cost for more than one passenger, up to 3. Thrill Rides in our fleet of exotic cars are available for $200. See options below.

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Your experience will be recorded using a forward facing and driver facing camera. Overlayed with track map and speed data. Share your experience with others, and take home this great keepsake!

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Reservations are non-refundable. Please refer to the DriveXotic Sales and Attendance policy for more information: Click here for more info on our refund/cancellation policy.



Not ready to get behind the wheel? Still want to experience these cars on track?  Try our Thrill Ride program. See the car being pushed to its limits, experience max speeds, threshold braking, and breath-taking acceleration.  3 flying laps around the 1.3 mile road course with one of our instructors at the wheel.  Riders must be appropriate age (13 years old) and size to ride on the passenger seat.

Thrill Rides start at $100 in our dodge charger hellcat. Additional passengers in that car or a solo ride in a different car vary in additional pricing. See menu for details.


Admission to Farr’s Movie Cars Museum included in the purchase of this package.