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If you would like to participate in a DriveXotic event, track insurance is mandatory. Your personal insurance policy will not cover your experience.

Track Insurance is per experience (4 or 6 lap session). If you purchase more than one experience, you will need to purchase multiple insurance policies. Here are your options:
– Package #1 $50,000 Coverage, $5,000 Deductible ($29.00)
– Package #2 $100,000 Coverage, $2500 Deductible ($49.00)
– Package #3 $150,000 Coverage, $1000 Deductible ($69.00)
– Package #4 $200,000 Coverage, $500 Deductible ($89.00)

Again, this track insurance is mandatory. Click here to download our waver.


Your experience will be recorded using a forward facing and driver facing camera. Overlayed with track map and speed data. Share your experience with others, and take home this great keepsake!

Would you like a Gift Certificate mailed to you?

You will receive a downloadable and printable certificate at purchase, however, If you want a gift certificate sent to you in the mail, (nicer quality) then check here. If you have additional instructions, please fill out below

Additional Gift Certificate instructions

Let us know how you want the certificate filled out, and where you want it sent. Let us know who it will be made out to, if you want dollar amount, or a description, and where you want the certificate sent. Gift certificates come in their own envelope, with a DriveXotic logo outside. If you need something “sneakier” please let us know.

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Unsure about a time and date?  Choose our Gift Certificate option and decide later.  Choose your options here, and receive a Gift Certificate redeemable at a date of your choosing. Once purchased you can download a printable gift certificate from the order confirmation screen, also you will receive a printable download file in your email.  The printable gift certificate will show dollar amount on certificate. .  Gift Certificate drives can not be scheduled online.  Please call to schedule.