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If you would like to participate in a DriveXotic event, track insurance is mandatory. Your personal insurance policy will not cover your experience.

Track Insurance is per experience (4 or 6 lap session). If you purchase more than one experience, you will need to purchase multiple insurance policies. Here are your options:

– Package #1 $50,000 Coverage, $5,000 Deductible (Included)
– Package #2 $100,000 Coverage, $2500 Deductible ($20.00)
– Package #3 $150,000 Coverage, $1000 Deductible ($40.00)
– Package #4 $200,000 Coverage, $500 Deductible ($60.00)

Again, this track insurance is mandatory. Click here to download our waver.

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Your experience will be recorded using a forward facing and driver facing camera. Overlayed with track map and speed data. Share your experience with others, and take home this great keepsake!

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Unsure about a time and date?  Choose our Gift Certificate option and decide later.  Choose your options here, and receive a Gift Certificate redeemable at a date of your choosing. Once purchased you can download a printable gift certificate from the order confirmation screen, also you will receive a printable download file in your email.  The printable gift certificate will show dollar amount on certificate. .  Gift Certificate drives can not be scheduled online.  Please call to schedule.