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Choose what package you would like to purchase.

You can choose to add value to your gift certificate so upgrades can be added later. This allows the recipient to add options like additional laps, upgraded cars recon laps, and in car video. Select this option if you want more than just the base packages, but aren’t sure what to choose.

Would you like a Gift Certificate mailed to you?

You will receive a copy of your certificate via email, however, If you would rather a gift certificate be sent to you in the mail, (nicer quality) then check here. If you have additional instructions, please fill out below

Additional Gift Certificate instructions

Let us know how you want the certificate filled out, and where you want it sent. Let us know who it will be made out to, if you want dollar amount, or a description, and where you want the certificate sent. Gift certificates come in their own envelope, with a DriveXotic logo outside. If you need something “sneakier” please let us know.

Terms and Conditions * 

Gift Certificates are non-refundable. Please refer to the FAQ section for more information: Click here for more info on our refund/cancellation policy.



Unsure about a time and date?  Choose our Gift Certificate option and decide later.  Choose your options here, and receive a Gift Certificate redeemable at a date of your choosing. Once purchased you will receive a copy of your certificate via email.  Gift Certificate drives can not be scheduled online.  Please call or email to schedule.