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What are my options and why do I need this?

If you would like to participate in a DriveXotic event, track insurance is mandatory. Your personal insurance policy will not cover your experience.

Track Insurance is per experience (4 or 6 lap session). If you purchase more than one experience, you will need to purchase multiple insurance policies. Here are your options:
– Package #1 $50,000 Coverage, $5,000 Deductible ($29.00)
– Package #2 $100,000 Coverage, $2500 Deductible ($49.00)
– Package #3 $150,000 Coverage, $1000 Deductible ($69.00)
– Package #4 $200,000 Coverage, $500 Deductible ($89.00)

Again, this track insurance is mandatory. Click here to download our waver.


Your experience will be recorded using a forward facing and driver facing camera. Overlayed with track map and speed data. Share your experience with others, and take home this great keepsake!
At DriveXotic we guarantee you will leave with a working video if you purchase. Even if it means re-driving your experience, we fully guarantee your video purchase.

Recon Laps

Choose this option if you want to do (3) recon laps before your drive. We put our experienced instructors behind the wheel of our Ford Mustangs while you ride passenger to preview the track before your drive. This gives you an opportunity to see the proper technique before getting behind the wheel for your drive

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Reservations are non-refundable. Please refer to the DriveXotic Sales and Attendance policy for more information: Click here for more info on our refund/cancellation policy.

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Choose from any of our Exotic and Performance cars. NEW DEAL! Check out our new entry level pricing, with drives in our Audi R8, Corvette C8 Z51, Audi R8 or Shelby GT500e.  Prices start at $159.00 .  Select a date, time, car and options… then get ready to drive! Unsure about dates and car selection? Try our gift certificate option instead!

Admission to Farr’s Movie Cars Museum included in the purchase of this package.