3 Car Package (for 1 driver)


3 Car Package * 

Select this option to add the “3 car package” to your cart. Your choice of any of the 3 cars listed below. (premium cars available for an upgrade price)

Reserve Cars

If you want to reserve one or more cars to drive then please select them here. If you are unsure which cars you’d like to drive, you can leave this section blank. Understand however, that there may be a wait for a particular car if you don’t reserve it.

Premium Car Upgrade

If you would like to upgrade 1, or 2 of your drives to a premium car (Ferrari 458 Italia or Lamborghini Huracan). Each upgrade will replace (not add) one of your drives on the 3 car package.

Add Laps

You may add 3 laps to each driving experience to bring your total to 7 laps per car. You can add 3 laps to all 3 drives bringing your total to 21 laps. Each time you upgrade a drive, it costs $75. Click below if you want to upgrade 1, 2 or all 3 of your drives to 7 laps each.

Insurance Upgrade

The 3 Car Experience includes the #1 insurance option.. if you wish to upgrade to a different insurance level, you may do so here:

What are my options and why do I need this?

If you would like to participate in a DriveXotic event, track insurance is mandatory. Your personal insurance policy will not cover your experience.

Track Insurance is per experience (4 or 6 lap session). If you purchase more than one experience, you will need to purchase multiple insurance policies. Here are your options:
– Package #1 $50,000 Coverage, $5,000 Deductible ($29.00)
– Package #2 $100,000 Coverage, $2500 Deductible ($49.00)
– Package #3 $150,000 Coverage, $1000 Deductible ($69.00)
– Package #4 $200,000 Coverage, $500 Deductible ($89.00)

Again, this track insurance is mandatory. Click here to download our waver.


Your experience will be recorded using a forward facing and driver facing camera. Overlayed with track map and speed data. Share your experience with others, and take home this great keepsake!
At DriveXotic we guarantee you will leave with a working video if you purchase. Even if it means re-driving your experience, we fully guarantee your video purchase.

Recon Laps

Choose this option to add (3) recon laps before your drive. We put our experienced instructors behind the wheel of our Ford Mustangs while you ride passenger. This gives you an opportunity to preview the track and see the proper technique before your drive.

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Choose 3 cars different cars to drive for 4 laps each around our 1.3 mile road course.  That’s a total of 12 laps in high horsepower Exotic and Performance cars, with the capability of reaching speeds over 100MPH!  Choose from our Lamborghini LP560-4, Mercedes AMG GT-R, Dodge Viper SRT, Nissan GT-R, Audi R8 V10, and Porsche 911 GT3 , and get ready to have a blast!  (the Mclaren 570s, Ferrari 458 Italia, and Lamborghini Huracan are available for an additional cost) Makes for a truly original and rewarding experience.   This is our most competitively priced and by far the most popular option.  If you want the most bang for your buck, than this is the option for you!  If you aren’t sure about a date or which cars you’d like, then look into our gift certificate option ( Click here to purchase gift certificate ).This package applies to a single driver only.  Can NOT be split up for multiple drivers.